WATCH: Two-year-old's reaction to old-school Father's Day gift is priceless!

By Pam Magwaza
18 June 2017

"Can you upload this to the cloud?"

"It's over, I have this dumb circle!"

Father's Day is only three days away and kids all over trying to get the perfect gift to show their dads their appreciation for them.

Two-year-old Mila, from Arizona in the US, was determined to buy her father the perfect gift, so she asked her mother for suggestions -- and now we're sure she wishes she hadn't.

Mila's mom, vlogger Katie Stauffer, suggested that she get her dad a vinyl record.

In a video posted by her mother, the tot is extremely distressed about giving her dad "a circle" for Father's Day.

"Mommy said it's a classic... with music on it. Is she joking me?" Mila said.

"It's like a wheel, can it play Frozen? Can you upload this to the cloud?"

"This technology is frustrating!" she exclaimed.

A very bemused Katie jokingly wrote, "Clearly Mila doesn't share the same appreciation for vinyls as her dad does."

Sources: Instagram

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