WATCH: Woman screams as her husband tries to wave off massive cruise ship heading straight for their home

By Charlea Sieberhagen
09 March 2017

A couple from Port Everglades in Florida got the fright of their lives when an enormous cruise ship stopped a mere 30 m from their house.

Yasmine Todhunter made a video of the ship, Equinox, headed for her house on Friday 3 March.

“It’s too close! No! Too close! Too close,” shouts the panicked Yasmine in the background while her husband, Bill, stands on the porch waving his arms.

According to MailOnline the ship was headed on a 10-day-long cruise around the Caribbean islands.

The ship, which departed from the Port Everglades harbor with nearly 3 000 passengers on board, sails past the Todhunters’ home and then into the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the website Cruise Law News the ship didn’t stop at its usual place in harbor, due to an oil spill. The ship needed to dock elsewhere and then follow a different route to leave the harbor.

Bill en Yasmine Todhunter. Foto: Facebook

Bill shared the video on Celebrity Cruises Facebook page. An official from the page answered and said that the ship was on its way through the allocated canal and under the guidance of specialised harbor personnel.

“The ship operated safely and did not put guests or crew at risk. We can also confirm the ship did not touch bottom.”

Bill responded to the post by explaining what he’d witnessed. “I respectfully disagree as she had to reverse away from shore. She draws 25 feet of water and obviously hit bottom,” he wrote.

A few days later his wife took another video to show how far ships usually are from their home when they sail past.


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