Watched too many movies, sir? Man confuses police officer for stripper

By admin
05 February 2014

A 27-year-old man mistook a police officer for a stripper after friends promised some "entertainment".

A man was arrested after mistaking a policewoman for a stripper.

Paul Harbord was enjoying an all-day drinking session with a group of friends at the Black Bull pub in County Durham, north-east England, when the police officer arrived to investigate reports of their "rowdy" behaviour.

The 27-year-old, who had been told to expect "entertainment" by his friends, began dancing in front of the attending officer and even whipped a towel in her direction, mistaking her for a sexy surprise.

Vicky Wilson, prosecuting at Peterlee magistrates court, said: "He was part of a large group dressed up. At 9.30pm a female police officer arrived at the pub, following concerns that the group was rowdy"

"Harbord shouted 'look, here is one of the strippers' as he flicked a bar towel in the officers face."

Mr Harbord has since admitted obstructing a police officer and was given a six-month conditional discharge. He was ordered to pay £85 and a £15 victim surcharge.

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