Water does have a flavour – scientists suggest

By Kim Abrahams
07 June 2017

H20 does in fact have a taste – and it’s sour.

Many water-lovers the world over tire of being asked, "Why do you like drinking water so much? It tastes like nothing!"

Well, everyone who believes that to be true is in fact wrong because new research suggests H2O does have a taste – and it’s sour.

Scientists from Caltech university, in California in the US, conducted the test on mice. The team had the mice drink water and then monitored their tongues.

They found that the taste sensors that were stimulated were the sour ones.

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The team, led by assistant professor of biology Yuki Oka, further suggest water should be considered the sixth taste, alongside sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami.

Another startling suggestion from the research is that our tongues can sense when we're drinking water.

“Many insect species are known to ‘taste’ water, so we imagined that mammals also might have a machinery in the taste system for water detection,” Professor Oka says.

"The tongue can detect various key nutrient factors, called tastants – such as sodium, sugar and amino acids – through taste. However, how we sense water in the mouth was unknown.”

Sources: metro.co.uk, independent.co.uk

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