‘We all just want it to be over with’: Children of 'Springs House of Horrors' to testify

By Hilda Van Dyk
25 May 2016

By the time they were rescued from the so-called “House of Horrors” in Springs about two years ago, trauma was a part of their lives.

Regularly abused and neglected by their mother and father, the siblings were removed from their parents care - and things reportedly improved for them.

But now, as their parents appear in the Pretoria High Court, they are reliving the trauma all over again.

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According to their guardian, “The children are doing really well. It is just a very traumatic experience for everyone involved. We all just want it (the hearing) to be over with.”

He didn’t want say anything more because the children’s guardians and other family members have banned from talking to the media.

Neither the guardian nor the parents can be identified in order to protect the identities of the children.

The two eldest children, who are aged 18 and 13 respectively, are expected to testify against their parents in court today (Wednesday). They will testify on camera which means that the public will not be able to hear their testimony. The children will also be in a separate room so that they don’t have to face their parents during the testimony.

Their father is facing 22 charges while the mother is facing 20 charges. Among others, the charges include: rape, child negligence, possession of drugs and drug peddling, reports News24.

The father pleaded not guilty on all charges except the charge related to him getting in the way of the investigation when he searched for his son in May 2014. The mother has pleaded not guilty to all charges filed against her.

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What was happening n the so-called “House of Horrors” came to light when the eldest son (now 13) escaped from the house and ran to the neighbours in May 2014. According to reports he hammered on the neighbour’s sliding door until they answered.

He apparently begged them not to call his father and tell him where he was.

On the advice of a family member the neighbours apparently let the boy’s parents know where he was. The boy’s mother and older sister apparently arrived shortly after and thereafter the dad. When the dad arrived he apparently gave his son a smack.

When they returned the house the father apparently threw the boy into the swimming pool and held his head under water. After that he apparently wrapped him in a blanket and hid him in the ceiling of an outside room.

After the neighbours called the police the next morning, they arrived and asked where the boy was. The father apparently did not tell the police that he had hidden his son in the ceiling.

Four days after the son’s disappearance his mother finally came forward and admitted that the father had taken him to stay with family in Warden.

After the son was found the father was taken into custody, where has since remained.

His wife (35) was taken into custody a month later because she apparently failed to cooperate with police and refused to testify. She was later released on R2 000 bail.

The courts also banned her from making contact with her children because her two eldest are now state witnesses.

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