We can't believe it! Divergent star Theo James used to be a construction worker

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22 March 2015

Theo James spent hours digging up what he thought was copper when he was younger, only to discover it was asbestos.

The 30-year-old actor may be an international star now, having starred in hit flicks such as Underworld: Awakening and the Divergent franchise, but he hasn't always led a glamorous lifestyle.

Speaking on The Late Show with David Letterman, Theo admitted he's had his fair share of terrible jobs over the years, but one proved to be more trying than the others.

"I basically worked as a kind of construction worker, and I thought I was being tough, but every day I'd come home like crippled, like, 'Oh my God.' I was kind of 17, 18. He used to make me, basically, dig holes to put stuff in, the foreman did. Once I was digging these big holes and I found this huge bunch of, what he thought was, copper piping, so he was like, 'OK, dig it up and bring it over,'" Theo recalled.

"So I spent hours, like five hours, digging this stuff up and he was like, 'Yes, money time!' The price of copper was decent [at the time]. So he gets a circular saw, everyone gathers round smiling, we put the circular saw through it, loads of dust goes in our face. And he's like, 'Yes... that's asbestos, bury it'. So I literally took it and spent five hours burying it again."

The handsome Brit reprises his role as Four in action flick Insurgent, which also sees his co-star Shailene Woodley return to the part of Tris.

The 23-year-old actress is known for her love of herbal remedies and Theo ended up being her guinea pig for eco-friendly concoctions during filming.

"Luckily not that [deodorant]. Can you imagine that, or toothpaste?" he told Cambio recently.

"Smooth Move was a good tip from Shay."

"It's a natural laxative," Shailene chimed in.

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