We celebrate Michael Mol’s 40th birthday with him

By admin
16 August 2011

Most people would fear their 40th birthday, but Hello Doctor’s Michael Mol welcomed this specialevent with open arms.

The hunky presenter, celebrating his 40th birthday today, treated his friends and colleagues at the Hello Doctor show to a chocolate fountain, strawberries and champagne.

“The best thing about being 40 is that you know who you are and you don’t have to make any excuses for that. The older you get, the more comfortable you get with yourself and the more you start to believe in yourself,” Michael said.

He added that by 40 you have a much clearer view of what you want from your live.

“I have my dream job. Hello Doctor allows me to combine my two passions: medicine and the media.”

When asked if he had any advice for men in their forties, Michael simply replied: “Your body doesn’t all of a sudden change when you turn 40.”

But, added Michael’s lovely wife Jacqui, a good sense of humour is always the best medicine.

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