We chat to Berry Bright Food Fanatics from The Ultimate Braai Master

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26 September 2013

They survived the first episode of The Ultimate Braai Master, but the mom-and-daughter team were eliminated last night.

Before they started the show, the two women from the Karoo, Nicole Buirman (26) and Suzanne Nel (57), of the Berry Bright Food Fanatics (BBFF) team did admit they have one very real phobia: getting voted out first!

Well, they survived the first episode of The Ultimate Braai Master: The Roads Less Travelled, the second season of the popular reality show on SABC3, but were eliminated last night.

Berry Bright Food Fanatics’ braai master Nicole says although this was a bit disappointing, the experience she and her braai buddy, her mom, Suzanne, had and all the people they’d met made up for it. “It will definitely be something we can cherish forever.”

Suzanne says they gave their best. “We got lots and lots of compliments, but unfortunately the judges didn’t think so!”

Suzanne didn’t want to enter at first, but after Nicole persuaded her mother she soon realised this could be the challenge of a lifetime. “A journey with mother and daughter, cooking and braaiing together – what better can you ask for?”

The highlight for this mother-and-daughter team was definitely seeing all the beautiful places “we didn’t even know existed in South Africa”.

In last night’s episode the 14 teams spent the morning game fishing in Sodwana Bay, KwaZulu-Natal, followed by a braai at Coral Divers Lodge where the teams had to braai their catch in order to make the perfect campsite meal.

“Time was always an issue in the challenges,” says Nicole. “Time was always our biggest concern.”

For the Berry Bright Food Fanatics last night’s elimination challenge was the most extreme. “It still stays an experience, but it was definitely much more intense than normal challenges,” says Suzanne.

For them it’s now the end of the road, but the wonderful people they met will always stay part of their lives, they both agree.

The mom-and-daughter team answered a few questions for us:

Q: What are your daytime jobs?

BBFF: Nicole is the owner of Berry Bright Safety and Sportwear in Robertson, doing company branding and screen printing. Suzanne is the owner of the Pietersielie Kontreiwinkel in Ashton, as well of the coffee shop Talk of the Town.

Q: What was the funniest moment on set?

BBFF: Our hero shot! Nicole had to juggle eggs and one of the crew members tried to throw an egg to add to the other eggs she was busy juggling. We could not stop laughing!

Q: Which outdoor environment that you visited is your favourite?

BBFF: Sodwana Bay. We both love the sea, and the fact that you get both bush and sea at one destination is really something.

Q: What is your favourite meat to braai?

BBFF: There is nothing on Earth that beats a nice skaap-tjoppie.

Q: Is braaiing important to you?

BBFF: As a family we braai together, with friends we braai – every opportunity we get we braai! Having a braai is just another reason to get a bunch of people together to have a lekker time, enjoying a nice steak or tjoppie with a nice glass of wine. A kuier is not a kuier without a braai.

- Jaco Hough-Coetzee

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