We chat to Locnville

By admin
03 May 2014

They set hearts racing and have dancefloors pumping with hits including their latest hit, Sexx, featuring Ross Jack. Here’s what makes Locnville’s Andrew and Brian Chaplin tick

What’s the best and worst part of fame?

Andrew The best is getting mass recognition and for the most part mass respect for what you do. On the other hand, people can sometimes completely lose their composure around you and become inappropriate.

Brian There are a lot of good things that come with fame, like you can get a lot of free stuff. The part I hate most is being recognised everywhere I go.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done, given you or asked you to do?

Andrew There’s been plenty of things, but mostly the gifts are really thoughtful. The craziest thing someone has asked may be a bit explicit for this publication!

Brian There are far too many to pick one, but one thing that sticks out for me is having my backstage changing room broken into by a bunch of girls while I was on stage. We managed to get everything sorted out, but they’d cut a huge hole in a metal fence to get through.

What inspires your lyrics?

Andrew Pretty much everything – from everyday life to people we meet.

Brian Everyday life as well as certain situations you can picture yourself being in.

What’s your typical Sunday like?

Andrew 3D movies and relishing in chill mode.

Brian It depends on the Sunday, but if it’s a chill one, then I just relax at home, cook good food and watch movies.

What’s your idea of a hot date?

Andrew You and me in Bora Bora.

Brian A little Marvin Gaye and some chardonnay.

Do you guys have girlfriends?

Andrew There’s a very special someone in my life, but she travels a lot so we don't get to see each other too often.

Brian Yes I do.

What are the 3 things that make for an epic house party?

Andrew Drinks, ladies and friends.

Brian Good friends, maybe some good cooking going on. Loud music and some bottles, if the occasion calls.

What’s your favourite meal – and can you cook?

Andrew I’m a fantastic cook, but I couldn’t really name a particular meal that’s my favourite. In general, I love Asian food.

Brian I don’t have one favourite meal, but I’m really into Chinese and Japanese cuisine as well as Mexican. And yes, I actually pride myself on being quite the chef.

Current fave TV show?

Andrew South Park.

Brian The Simpsons, especially the earlier seasons.

What would you save if your house was on fire?

Andrew First off, anyone else I knew in that house.

Brian People first, then computers and laptops.

Happiness is . . .

Andrew Finding the “oh” moment when producing a track.

Brian All the time.

Last SMS you received and who was it from?

Andrew I would never tell you such a thing!

Brian DStv, telling me to pay my subscription.

I wish I didn’t . . .

Andrew Have to do this interview right now. I joke, I'm all good, there’s nothing really that I wish I didn’t!

Brian I wish I didn't have to take a plane in order to fly.

What kind of car do you drive?

Andrew A black one, sometimes silver.

Brian The best kind – Beamer.

What advice would you give your high-school self if you could go back?

Andrew Just keep doing as you do, although try not to procrastinate too much.

Brian Play on. It gets a whole lot better.

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