We chat with @Anele on Twitter

By admin
23 May 2011

We went were no magazine has gone before and did our first ever live interview on Twitter.

The always charming radio DJ Anele Mdoda was the first celebrity to chat with us via Twitter while all our fans followed the conversation.

Hey @Anele, thanks for doing our first ever Twitter interview. You ready?

@YouMagazine Let's gooooooooo !

@Anele Fabulous. Where are you tweeting from?

@YouMagazine In the greenroom( not green at all) where we prep for the show with @grantnash,10 meters from the studio.

@Anele Nice. What kind of cellphone do you have? Blackberry or iPhone?

@YouMagazine Blackberry Torch, I spend so much time on the net so my blackberry is the ONE !

@Anele What would you never tweet about?

@YouMagazine mmmmmm not much hey because it is not what you tweet but how you tweet it. Twitter is like a reality show so it must be reality

@Anele Would you ever go on a date with one of your Twitter followers?

@YouMagazine Nope . No . Never . I do not even go on dates with men I know.

@Anele Who would you suggest for a #ff?

@YouMagazine Follow @Battaz to laugh, @khayadlanga to laugh at yourself , @shakasisulu to fuel your love for SA and @zamalisa ( little sis)

@Anele What is your favourite website?

@YouMagazine www.beyonceworld.net ,www.5fm.co.za and www.twitter.com

That’s it then.  A small step for man a giant leap for mankind. Groundbreaking stuff. Thanks so much @Anele.

@YouMagazine Ciao babay !!!

*More Twitterviews coming soon.

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