'We declare you a loving couple and best friends'

By Jaco Hough-Coetzee
06 March 2016

There was great excitement in Centurion recently when Gizmo and Nonnie got married.


The guests couldn’t help oohing and aahing when the bride made her appearance in her white headdress. The groom, Gizmo, looked dapper in a white shirt, black jacket and bow tie.


But this was no ordinary wedding. Gizmo and Nonnie were a pair of Yorkie dogs and they were getting married on the stoep in front of the Groom-World dog parlour. By 2 pm on Saturday afternoon the 20 guests and their 30 doggie children had taken their places on the stoep.


While the bridal couple rested on the laps of their owners, Martie van Rensburg and Annetjie Oosthuizen, Martie’s daughter Carika welcomed the guests with the words, “Doggie love has brought us together today."

"We’re celebrating the love between two woofies who each believe the other is the cat’s whiskers. They have stolen the hearts of not only their mommies and daddies but also each other. May their friendship and woofie love always burn bright.”


It had all been coming for quite a while, says Martie, owner of Groom-World. She and Annetjie are friends and their dogs accompanied them on their many visits to each other.

“We became aware that there was a special bond between Gizmo and Nonnie. About a month ago I felt it would be the right thing if they married.”


“Fortunately it wasn’t a shotgun wedding,” says Esmé Swanepoel, manager of the dog parlour.

Carika closed the wedding ceremony with the words, “Let’s bless them in the name of friendship and in the name of joy and health. In the name of love, we declare you, Gizmo and Nonnie, a loving couple and best friends.”


After the ceremonies the canine guests tucked into small chicken sosaties and dog biscuits. Finger eats and sparkling wine were served to the human guests.


The dogs had a lovely time frolicking in the parlour and by the time the last guests had left it was late afternoon.

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