'We didn't steal my dad's stuff': Zelda Williams breaks her silence

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31 March 2015

Zelda Williams has refuted claims she and her siblings removed items from their late father’s estate.

The 25-year-old actress has largely remained silent about the alleged family discord that erupted after her famous father, actor-and-comedian Robin Williams, took his own life in August last year. But on Monday she took to her Tumblr page to correct the “misinformation being proliferated by the media” in a blog titled, Correction.

It has been reported her stepmother Susan Schneider Williams has been at odds with Robin’s three children – Zelda, Zachary (31) and Cody (23) – claiming they removed personal items from their home without her permission, while the children countersued Susan accusing her of attempting to steal items such as watches and awards.

'Robin Williams didn't want this to end up in court'

“While I have not had, and will continue not to have any comment on my family’s current legal proceedings (as their private nature has already been violated enough), there is one bit of misinformation being proliferated by the media that I have been made aware of and strongly feel the need to correct,” Zelda’s statement began.

“My brothers and I have not at any point since dad’s death been invited to or visited his and Susan’s house in Tiburon, nor have we removed anything from it. For reporters to twist Susan’s court petition to imply that she believes my siblings and I did otherwise is to attempt to create drama where there is none and spread outright falsehoods, sadly a more and more common occurrence on the ‘news’ these days.

“At least in this instance, it is gossip I can disprove with actual fact.”

Susan (50) filed a petition in December, calling her late husband’s trust “ambiguous”.

TMZ reports the judge presiding over the case has ordered the family to come to a resolution over the 63-year-old’s belongings by April 10, or else the court will be forced to intervene.

The New York Daily News, however, claims the magistrate has given them until June 1 to finalise estate negotiations.

“The judge set a timetable, which is positive. Hopefully it will come to an end soon," a source told the newspaper.

"It's so sad. Robin Williams didn't want this to end up in court. He was a very private man."

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