'We just heard a puppy crying': adorable pup saved from the jaws of monstrous python

By Jacques Myburgh
26 March 2016

A five-month-old puppy had a narrow escape when a python felt peckish and in need of a light snack.

Miniature Doberman Seun was romping on the grass with other SPCA rescue animals in Phalaborwa, Limpopo, when the hungry python spotted him across the fence.

“We just heard a puppy crying,” senior SPCA inspector Kerry Gerber said.

“When we rushed out to investigate we saw that the python had pushed his head through the fence and had Seun in his jaws.”

Kerry and her team rushed to the dog’s assistance, grabbing it from the snake’s jaws.

She says their branch had ongoing problems with potentially dangerous wild animals coming into contact with their charges. “Because we’re in the bush we always have to be on our guard.”

According to her Seun is unscathed and happily back playing with the other pups.

PHOTOS: Supplied

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