'We just want him to hear our voices': Family of little boy who lost his hearing after life-saving heart operation

By Kirstin Buick
03 August 2016

An operation when little Logan, from Secunda, was just seven months old saved his life – but it didn't come without cost.

When he was just seven months old, Logan Dyssel had to undergo a massive heart operation.

It saved his life – but it didn't come without cost.

The operation left him brain damaged and, as a result, the now-three-year-old boy hasn't been able to hear since that day.


“We would love for him to be able to hear our voices and speak,” Pippa Solomon, Logan’s granny, who lives in Secunda, Mpumalanga, told YOU.

He needs round-the-clock care, so his mom Sammy (26) has had to give up work. His dad Jaco (30) is a diesel mechanic on a mine at Steelpoort.

“Logan’s two brothers are very protective of him,” Pippa says. His elder brother Zayden is five and little George is 10 months old.

“They know something is wrong with Logan.”

Logan was born in Polokwane on 21 October 2013 by emergency Caesarean, because his umbilical cord was wound around his neck. As a result, he didn't get enough oxygen at birth.

He survived -- but the days-old infant's ordeal was far from over. A week after his birth doctors found there was a hole in one of his heart valves. He was hooked up to a ventilator until he was seven months old, and strong enough to undergo a heart operation.


Three years later, the sweet blonde boy with big blue eyes still struggling to walk and gets around with a walking frame. He weighs 9,5 kg, and doesn’t seem to be putting on any weight. He wears the clothes an 18-month-old baby would wear.

Logan also developed a cyst on the brain. He’s completely deaf but doctors can't determine the cause of his deafness.

Logan's family are hope to raise money for a cochlear implant that will at least enable him to hear.

He has learnt to lip-read and gestures with his hands when he wants something.

“If he could hear he might possibly be able to walk, speak and live a normal life,” his dad Jaco explains in a video that was made for fund raising.


Medical aid covers most of his medical expenses but not the cochlear implants, which could come to R200 000 for each ear.

In an attempt to give voice to Logan's love for his mom and dad, Pippa has written a letter to Logan’s parents on his behalf:

“To my Mommy and Daddy. My hands are little; don’t expect me to be as strong as you are.

My fingers are still a little clumsy and I may drop something, but I do try.

My ears haven’t yet heard but my heart understands what you ask . . . God, I’m asking you today to help Mommy and Daddy.

My life is still delicate and unformed . . . Form me with lots of kisses and hugs . . . Although I can’t hear, although I can’t speak and although I can’t walk . . . Jesus couldn’t have given me a better Daddy or Mommy.

Your son,


Visit Logan on his Facebook page which his granny manages.

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