We love Teen Wolf hotties Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin

By admin
11 February 2014

Twilight’s Jacob Black is old news! These two Teen Wolf hotties are topping our sexiest werewolves list.

- The hit TV show has changed his life, 22-year-old Posey says. He might not be able to walk down a street without being recognised or photographed but says he’s “been able to travel the world. I’ve been really blessed”.

- Rumour has it Hoechlin (26) is going to be the new Batman and Posey thinks he’s perfect for the role! “He’s super-athletic, sexy, got a very nice chiselled jaw, great facial hair. I’m very attracted to him,” he said jokingly.

- The two hunks have both been bitten by love. Hoechlin has been dating actress Brittany Snow since last year and Posey recently got engaged to his girlfriend of 10 years, make-up artist Seana Gorlick.

- Say what? He might have a ripped bod but Posey says he doesn’t work out. “I hate it. People are usually shocked to hear that.’’

- Ironically they both almost landed roles in Twilight. Hoechlin was one of two actors considered for the lead role of Edward Cullen (which Robert Pattinson got), while Posey auditioned for the role of Jacob Black but lost out to Taylor Lautner.

- Hoechlin had his first kiss when he was 15 and secretly loves the chick flick The Notebook. ‘‘My entire baseball team in high school loved that movie.’’

- Posey has six tattoos – he got double bands across his left arm without telling Teen Wolf executive producer Jeff Davis and was surprised when they wrote it into the third season.

- Hoechlin got his big break when he beat out 2 000 kids (including his younger brother, Tanner) to play Tom Hanks’ son in the 2002 film Road to Perdition.


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