We love to hate Survivor’s Coach

By admin
24 August 2011

Most seasons of Survivor have at least one person the viewers love to hate – someone who seems a few screws short of a toolbox, who rubs people up the wrong way and is so infuriating you don’t mind if every bug on the beach bites them.

And this season that person is Benjamin “Coach” Wade who, with his outrageous stories, giant ego and bizarre behaviour, is Survivor Tocantin’s out-andout villain.

Downright insane is how some of his tribemates might describe the 40-year-old Steven Seagal lookalike – and whether his get-under-your-skin strategy means an early exit for the longhaired antihero remains to be seen.

Coach–who halfway through the reality show started calling himself “the Dragon Slayer” – is one of the most memorable characters in Survivor history and that’s just the way he likes it.

“I put my stamp on the game. I put my stamp on Tribal Council, on my outfit and the feathers. I like to make my mark wherever I go,” he told Survivor host Jeff Probst.

So who is the man behind the ponytail and dragon-motif shirt? Coach describes himself as a “Renaissance-man adventurer”. Not only was he head coach of a women’s soccer team at Southern Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri, he was also an artistic director of a symphony orchestra in Northern California.

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