We visit Jub Jub in jail

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26 October 2012

Found guilty and awaiting sentence, the hip-hop star is a shadow of his former self

We get to see him on our second trip to Johannesburg Correctional Centre – or Sun City, as the prison is better known. The corn rows are still there, as neat as when he sat in the dock day after day, but the designer suit and diamond earrings are gone.

He’s wearing jeans and a green tracksuit top; the orange prison overalls will be issued to him after he’s sentenced at the end of November.

And his sentence could be a long one, as much as 15 years for each count on which he’s been convicted – and there are many of them: four counts of murder, two of attempted murder and another of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye (32) has the blood of four schoolboys on his hands and his life now is far removed from his days as a successful hip-hop artist. He’s in a single cell for security reasons, a guard tells us. But he receives no special treatment. Rules are rules.

Visitors to the various sections are called and we wait our turn. Finally he appears, looking decidedly diminished. He’s been called arrogant and aloof; now he just seems sad and lonely.

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