'We were all crying!' Rolene's loved ones still in shock

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16 December 2014

Newly crowned Miss World Rolene Strauss' grandmother, much like the rest of SA, is bursting with pride at her granddaughter's incredible achievement.

Rolene’s maternal grandmother, Cora Stander (76), double stitched the buttons of her garments for the Miss World event to make sure they don’t come undone. “If a skirt had a zip, I’d add another hook so the zip wouldn’t come undone during rehearsals,’’ Cora told YOU from Hartenbos, where the family spends their December holidays. ‘‘The entire family watched the crowning ceremony,” she says. “We were all crying.”

'I always said her parents had picked the most beautiful flower in the garden'

The morning after her granddaughter’s feat she talked to her. “She was on her way to her first interview. We talked about a lot of things. She said she couldn’t believe [this] event had crossed her path. It must have happened for a reason – she’s a deep Christian."

‘‘She was a test tube baby. I always said her parents had picked the most beautiful flower in the garden of Jesus. She told me she was just beginning to understand what her gran meant.’’

Maria Mashinini (44), Theresa and Dr Hennie Strauss’ domestic worker who helped raise Rolene and carried her on her back, was also over the moon. “I shouted and cried. Lolla was a year old when I started working for them. I’m like her second mother,” Maria says. “She has such a kind heart. She’s beautiful inside and out. God definitely had a plan for her.

“The day she flew to England I hugged her at the airport and said, ‘Lolla, you must bring the crown home. And look at her now!” she exclaims excitedly.

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