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By admin
09 April 2010

Fellow students in the journalism department at Stellenbosch University voted him “student most likely to work for YOU” because he thought the magazine was so great – now 10 years later he has proved them right.

You won’t find his name in YOU’s printed pages – he’s much more of an online behind-the-scenes guy. So if you’ve wondered who’s been answering the questions on www.you.co.za and Facebook it’s time to meet Wilmer Müller, our web editor and the man behind the mouse.

Wilmer is the one who produces the fresh updates on our recently launched website and he’s enjoying helping the YOU community grow online. “Our readers are interacting not only with us but with one another,” 33-year-old Wilmer says. “There are so many diverse opinions and we want to encourage that and get readers to interact with us even more.”

He has great appreciation for readers’ sentiments about YOU and our sister title, Huisgenoot.

“They feel the magazines are theirs and have very strong opinions – and they’re not afraid to voice them! But that’s what makes it a great experience.”

Wilmer has been in the online business for eight years and was editor of car websitewww.wheels24.co.za before joining YOU. He’s passionate about digital news but sometimes misses the adrenaline rush of working in print.

“I was a reporter in the newsroom at Die Burger and we had to finish within a certain time to get the product out. With the web you have no production process so your deadline is when you want it to be.”

When he’s not working on innovative ways to improve the online experience for readers he’s relaxing at home in Green Point, Cape Town, with his beloved beagles, Truffle and Nguni. “Nguni looks like a little cow and Truffle is named after the rare delicacy,” he explains.

Asked about his love-life he blushes and says, “No comment!” However he’s prepared to discuss why one of his dogs is named after food, he adds with a laugh.

Wilmer is a besotted foodie and among his favourites are French bistro and Italian fare. He also loves travelling and says Australia is the country with the most delicious food. “It’s the best in the world. They have so many influences, especially Asian.”

His passport boasts stamps from destinations such as Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, Madagascar and Mozambique – and he’s far from done, he says. “I want to see Paris and maybe one day do a road trip in America.”

His favourite city? “New York. It’s like you see on TV – but also not. It’s like a mini-country. There are all these amazing buildings and beautiful people and there’s so much diversity and madness that I find extremely attractive.”

His feet are firmly planted on SA soil though and he enjoys learning more about YOU readers online.

It was a poignant moment for him when he learnt he’d landed a job on the magazine because his mom, Dalene, once worked on the same floor.

Dalene, a former chief copy editor of Huisgenoot, died of cancer three years ago. “She had so much respect for the magazine and her colleagues. It was emotional for me to come here – but in a good way.”

Now he’s joined the YOU family too Wilmer has exciting plans in store for readers. “You’ll be contributing to the magazine by visiting the website and telling us what you think. You’ll be helping to create wonderful content.”

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