Wed – in rain and love

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11 March 2011

In her flowing wedding dress Melanie Lowe looks very different to the spikey-haired Idols finalist of 2002. And here on Noetzie beach in the southern Cape the 35-year-old singer and songwriter is about to marry fiancée Gaye Martin (38).

\They met in January 2010 at one of Melanie’s performances in Johannesburg.

Melanie joins other famous lesbians such as TV personality Ellen DeGeneres who want to change people’s perceptions of what love and marriage ought to be.

After the ceremony in drifting rain on the beach the couple and their guests boarded a paddle cruiser to cross the Knysna Lagoon to the Featherbed Nature Reserve where they held their reception.

Bridesmaid Ilse-Louise Herholdt’s saxophone created the perfect atmosphere as the sun set.

‘‘I came to show Gaye and Melanie how much I love them,’’ Gaye’s mom, Beryl, said. Her dad, Frank, had to stay in Johannesburg because of business commitments.

Melanie’s relationship with her parents became strained when she came out in her twenties but attitudes mellowed into acceptance and pride.

‘‘My child is happy and that’s what’s important to me,’’ Melanie’s mom, Cheryl, said.

Her dad, Mike, read from the Bible about love being patient and kind, then wiped away tears as he told guests, ‘‘We’re here because of love.’’

Melanie was placed third in the 2002 Idols finals but has since proved to be a talented songwriter and has performed with international acts such as Westlife and Katie Melua.

She has two solo albums to her name, one in Afrikaans titled As and her latest one produced withJohn Ellis of popular Durban group Tree63 which will be on shelves next month.

* See pictures of the wedding in the 17 March 2011 issue of YOU.

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