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21 April 2011

Think you know everything there is to know about the royal wedding? Think again – check out these facts about the wedding of the decade.

*Kate’s bouquet will contain a sprig of myrtle (also known as the herb of love), as Princess Diana’s did in 1981 and Queen Victoria’s in 1840. After the wedding it will be laid on the grave of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey, as in the case of all other royal brides since the Queen Mother began the tradition in 1923.

*Protocol decrees flowers in the church and the bridal bouquet must be white – Queen Victoria’s were snowdrops; the Queen Mother had lilies of the valley and Queen Elizabeth carried orchids.

*The fruit wedding cake will have a Victorian-era floral theme, according to Kate’s wishes. The flowers are symbolic: roses for happiness, oak and acorn symbols for strength and endurance, Sweet Williams for perfection and gallantry and the four flowers of the UK nations – the English rose, Scottish thistle, Welsh daffodil and Irish shamrock.

*It’s the first royal wedding involving technology. The couple have a website ( and Twitter accounts (see below). A live stream of the wedding will also be available on

*In another royal first the vows will be on Apple’s iTunes store for about R8.

*We know Kate has three dresses lined up – and now we hear she has chosen four pairs of shoes with heels of various heights. She’ll walk down the aisle in embroidered satin slippers then change into the others for lunch, the official wedding photo and the reception.

*Kate (29) isn’t the oldest royal bride-to-be – her stepmother-in-law, Camilla, was 57 when she married Prince Charles in 2005. Shockingly the youngest ever royal bride was six – but thenIsabella of Valois did marry Richard II in 1336.

*All royal brides wear ivory satin wedding dresses and Kate won’t be the exception.

*Kate is allergic to horses but accompanies William to his polo matches. Two of the horses taking part in their special day are named Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

*Kate will be the sixth Queen Catherine in history – and hopefully luckier than her pre-decessors.Catherine Howard, wife of Henry VIII, was beheaded for adultery in 1542.


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