Weekend N1 road closures: here's what you need to know

By Richard van Rensburg
12 May 2017

Heavy traffic is expected – best avoid the area altogether.

The N1 will be closed this weekend between Old Oak Road and the R300 exchange for the safe demolition of a part of the Old Oak bridge

This was announced by the Western Cape department of transport and public works.

Heavy traffic is expected on alternative routes in the vicinity of the bridge. For this reason, motorists are advised to completely avoid the road closure and instead make good use of greater Cape Town’s highway network: N1 - M5 - N2 - R300 outbound from the city, and N7 - N2 - R300 inbound into the city.

Using the N2 and R300 to avoid the N1 closure your journey will be about 15 km and 10 minutes longer. Alternative routes nearer the bridge may add just 8 km to your journey but will take a half hour longer, possibly even an hour during peak hour traffic.

Enquiries and complaints can be sent to the Cape Town Freeway Facebook page, i-Traffic website and Twitter @CapeTownFreeway.

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