Weird weight-loss tips that work!

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24 February 2015

You might even look forward to trying these odd and appealing recommendations.

Weight-loss tips aren't always the most exciting pieces of advice. In fact, they can leave you feeling hungry just by hearing them.

Not these ones though, as Popsugar have come up with some odd and appealing recommendations you might even look forward to trying.

For example, they recommend having your treat of the day first thing in the morning to get the urge out of your system.

A previous study that looked at people who had lost weight thanks to dieting discovered that it was those who ate a large breakfast, featuring a sweet treat, who kept the weight off. In contrast, those who didn't allow themselves to have sugar first thing were more likely to cave in and snack later in the day.

It needn't be an unhealthy sweet treat; why not go for a skinny blueberry muffin or porridge with jam or maple syrup? Maple syrup actually has more benefits than you might realise, such as 54 antioxidants and high levels of zinc and manganese to help your heart and immune system.

Another tip the website offers is cutting up your food before eating it. Shrug off the feeling of embarrassment as you chop every item on your plate in public, as this tricks you into thinking you have a bigger portion.

Portion control is key to losing weight, so having just the right amount of food on your plate will go a long way.

Many people mistake thirst for hunger and instead of gulping down a glass of water they bite into something to fill them up. Nothing is more refreshing than a cold drink, but it's been found that warm water is more beneficial for shedding pounds. In fact, drinking a glass of warm water before every meal has been linked to helping you feel fuller quicker. It's thought warmer water caters to dehydration more, so you won't make the mistake of thinking you're starving.

And while this final piece of advice may be hard to believe, we assure you it isn't made up. Many outlets sing the praises of eating more often throughout the day as a means of losing weight and maintaining weight loss. Frequent snacking on healthy foods keeps your metabolism in full swing, fights off hunger and controls your blood sugar, and as a result you actually end up eating less.

It's all about what you eat though; you can't exactly scoff down biscuits all day and expect benefits. Stick to foods high in protein and fibre and low in calories and refined carbohydrates to make sure this method works.

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