Welcome, little princess!

By Kirstin Buick
02 May 2015

Who's likely to be the new blue-blood's godparents? We take a look at the contenders.

Kate and her daughter, who was born at 8.34 am, weighing about 3,6 kg, are doing well, the palace confirms. Kate had a short labour after being admitted to the hospital at 6 am.

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There was much jubilation after the news of the new royal's birth was announced and speculation about her name has reached fevered pitch. There must be much joy in the royal household too, given the fact Prince Charles previously said he'd love a granddaughter. As for who might be her godparents? We take a look at the most likely candidates: William and Kate broke the royal mould when choosing George’s godparents, opting for friends rather than royals for the honour – George’s only blue-blooded godparent is Zara Tindall, William’s cousin. Will the same hold be the case with baby No 2? FAMILY

Harry: Many were surprised Will didn’t chose his younger brother, who’s already proved to be a doting uncle, to be one of George’s godfather – but who better to be the younger sibling’s godparent than the duke’s younger sibling?

Odds: 4-1

Most likely to: Smuggle the young royal away for an adventure (most likely involving a helicopter).

Pippa: It’s no secret Kate and her pretty younger sibling are close.

Odds: 6-1

Most likely to: Whisk her godchild off on an international shopping spree – or coax them into serving hors-d'oeuvre at a swanky party she’s organised. Beatrice and Eugenie: Will another royal cousin be featured in the latest crop of godparents? Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s daughters, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, are likely candidates – and we can’t wait to see what elaborate hats they wear to the christening. Odds: 10-1 Most likely to: Be the young royal’s go-to advisors on appropriate fascinators. FRIENDS The Prince’s Posse: Prep school pal Tom van Straubenzee, childhood friend Batian Craig, Eton friend James Meade and heir to Thorpland Hall Charlie Savory are all good friends of Wills’ who might make the cut.

Odds: 10-1, 20-1, 10-1, 20-1

Most likely to: Vet her first boyfriend.

Kate’s Bosom Buds: Kate’s gal pal Emilia Jardine-Paterson may feature as one of George’s godmothers and she has three other friends she could honour – old school friends Trini Foyle, Alice Avenel or Hannah Carter. Odds: 12-1; 16-1; 8-1 Most likely to: Offer up their various little ones, mostly a few months older than George, for playdates with baby No 2. THE WILDCARD Laura Lopes: The Parker-Bowles clan are not thought to be a favourite with William and Harry but the genial future king could see this as an opportunity to build bridges with his stepmother’s family. Camilla’s daughter, Laura, an art curator who has three children of her own, would be a sensible choice.

Odds: 16-1

Most likely to: Take her godchild on a very educational tour of the fine art housed in London’s Eleven gallery, of which she’s the director.

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