Welcome, little royal one!

By Kirstin Buick
23 July 2013

The Cambridges will raise their son their own way rather than follow any special palace rules, predicts our royal blogger.

William and Catherine did it again! They kept us wondering for four hours and five minutes while they spent time getting to know their first-born in private.

How beautiful is that? I can picture the Cambridges sitting in total privacy, admiring their little boy, counting his toes and fingers and then looking deep into each others’ eyes.

I don’t think this scenario is so far-fetched, not if you look at all the many photographs of the pair in the past, always close and happy.

This little bundle of love strengthens my feeling that William and Catherine will follow their own path where centuries-old traditions will be infused with a good shot of modern life.

Just look at the way Catherine made her own “mood book” for their wedding, and how they stamped their personal taste onto the event, how she managed to keep the designer of her wedding dress a secret – and then again keeping the baby’s due date under wraps. It’s clear to me that we are dealing with two people who will do things their way and won’t be told what to do by the palace officials.

Buckingham Palace was adamant that the announcement of Baby C’s birth would be done at the palace and only afterwards on social media. William and Catherine waited with the announcement and the royal correspondents then received the news that the announcement would be made via email.

It was quite something to see Paul Harrison of SkyNews read the announcement live on television. The TV audience became part of the announcement.

Then, everyone knew what was coming: The palace official who was greeted by a cheering crowd at the Lindo Wing, envelope in hand, to be transported the short distance to Buckingham Palace.

Within minutes a gilded board was carried outside. The crowds roared. A new prince was born. A new future king!

Outside the Lindo Wing, reporters interviewed the excited crowd.

Then it was time for British tradition at its best when the town crier announced the birth – twice!

Baby C will probably go home today. Since royalty do not make use of surnames, the Cambridges can choose from three possible surnames. Will it be Wales (which both William and Harry use in the army), Cambridge (the prince will, of course, be known as Prince . . . name. . . of Cambridge) or, of course, Mountbatten-Windsor, the royal surname used by the Queen and the other royalty?

However, titles aside, this child will only be William and Catherine’s little boy, the first grandson of Charles, the Middletons, and of course – the late Diana.

Arlene Prinsloo

Arlene Prinsloo is an ardent royalist, national content coordinator at Digital News: Media24 News and YOU’s royal blogger.

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