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17 May 2017

Whirlpool helps you turn the volume down in the laundry room with their innovative Zen Technology.


Between TVs, phones, dogs and traffic passing by, there’s enough noise at home.

Their innovation also brings the world of 6th SENSE technology to your home. The new FSCR 12442 washer is equipped with 6th SENSE technology for cleaner clothes than ever before.

This A+++ energy saving Supreme Care washer has special sensors that recognise the size of each load and adjust the machine automatically to generate savings of up to 70 percent on energy, water and time. Choose from the different colour choices to keep colours bright and the fabric intact.

Whirlpool’s 6th SENSE technology isn’t just found in the washers. The DSCX 10430 dryer, Whirlpool’s 10 kg model, has a new dual sensor that senses the temperature and humidity inside the drum and automatically adapts the drying time and energy.

This dryer offers a range of settings to cover every need. Whatever the load size or fabric type, it’s intelligent 6th SENSE technology automatically determines the perfect drying setting for each load.

Whirlpool dryers are also equipped with numerous intelligent features to make life simpler, like the cycle end function that lets you choose the precise time you want the drying cycle to finish.

If you’re looking for the best of both words, choose the Whirlpool WWDC 9614 S Washer & Dryer Combo. This combination has been built with innovative features on both the Supreme Care washer and dryer.

It has a Colours 15 °C option for different colour fabrics and a setting called Delicate Plus which ensures that your delicate fabrics receive maximum care. The Steam Refresh setting helps remove odours and wrinkles.

The cherry on top is the WWDC 9614 S’s 45 minutes Wash and Dry setting, saving you time and still providing quality care to your garments.

Whirlpool remains the number one option in washing by giving you the quietest wash on the market and ensuring that your clothes get the best care.

For more information, go to http://whenzenmatters.co.za./

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