We'll bet! Kate Hudson has an 'unconventional' life

By admin
24 July 2014

Kate Hudson believes she lives an "unconventional" life but has rules that work for her.

Kate Hudson thinks she has an "unconventional" life. The actress insists her life is far from normal but she tries to make sure her children, Ryder (10) whom she has with ex-husband Chris Robinson, and Bingham (3) with Matt Bellamy, have strict rules in place.

'I've got two children from two different fathers, so that's unconventional'

Speaking on chat show The View on Monday, she said: "I have two kids. I wouldn't say I'm conventional, but what is conventional these days?

"I've got two children from two different fathers, so that's unconventional. I'm a strict parent; I'm strict when it comes to manners.

"I think kids get too much too fast. Ryder wants a cell phone, he can get a pager - when he's 12."

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old star got engaged to Matt in 2011 and, although they are planning to tie the knot in the future, she admits she already feels married.

Asked whether she has plans to get hitched anytime soon, she replied: "I think this goes back to growing up in an unconventional family. We're happy. We've got kids and a family. We have to find time to have time together alone. I think if we do get married, it will be for the kids actually. "We're really happy. I know it's not a golden ticket, but there's something secure about marriage."   - Bang Showbiz 

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