Wellington fire: Footage of Sunita and principal's wife erased

By Marelize Potgieter
06 July 2017

The meeting lasted about half an hour.

Footage of Sunita van Dyk and Eloise le Roux, which allegedly shows them drinking tea at a McDonald's in Paarl the afternoon before she died, was deleted after 30 days.

This is what a spokesperson for JD Elliot, a security company, told YOU.

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"Unfortunately, McDonald's requires that video content is kept 30 days only. The incident referred to is beyond this time frame. "

Report reported this past weekend that the private detective, who had appointed the family, had footage showing how Sunita and Eloise met in the McDonald's in Paarl.

According to the detective, who wants to remain anonymous, the footage shows Sunita gesturing wildly with her hands.

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Jacques and Sunita van Dyk were found in the remains of their burnt-down house on Oakdene Farm in the early hours of 10 May. Sunita was lying in a bath and Jacques and their dog, Skollie, were next to her.

Even before their memorial service was held, it came to light that Sunita apparently had a relationship with the principal of Paarl Gymnasium, Danie le Roux, where she was a teacher.

Meanwhile, letters between Eloise and Sunita were found showing that they had a particularly close friendship.

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