We're beating the bulge

By Kirstin Buick
31 October 2013

Continue your slimming journey with these delicious variations to your eating plan devised by dietitian Annaret Brand

When we published our first Project Beat the Bulge diet it was a huge hit. Readers are still calling in to request copies of it. Those taking part in the project plus scores of readers have been following the diet since it appeared in YOU (29 September 2011) and have kept us up to date with inspirational weightloss stories. We asked Cape Town-based registered dietician Annaret Brand to mix things up a bit and give us a few more options to include in our daily eating plan. We wish all our readers who started off weighing more than 140 kg and registered for our weight-loss project the best of luck - and remember, the dieter who does best will win a makeover and a new wardrobe! Follow our participants’ progress on the Facebook page Klop die Skaal/Beat the Bulge. GENERAL RULES

• No sugar is allowed. • No butter or oil except what is stated in a recipe. • If you have a medical condition or are on medication consult your doctor or a registered dietician before embarking on this diet.. SNACKS • Three fruits a day are allowed – to be enjoyed with or between meals. • Two 125 ml tubs of fat-free yoghurt are allowed a day, including the one you have for breakfast. ADJUSTMENTS FOR MEN

Breakfast: remains the same

Lunch: double the starch portion

Supper: increase the protein portion to 250 g

Leanne du Preez from Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape, YOU's Beat the Bulge champion, now sports a blonde hairdo and she weighs 76 kg less than when we met her 2 years ago. She suffered many setbacks, but persevered and has come a long way since the days of weighing 191,5 kg's. Today she's instrumental in helping others losing weight. Watch this to hear her story:

Download a printable version of the eating plan here:

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