We’re proud of you, Siphiwe!

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17 June 2010

It was a moment of magic that electrified the nation and made Siphiwe Tshabalala an instant hero. As the crowd erupted a mother and her daughter sitting in the stands couldn’t hold back their tears.

‘‘These two cried,’’ Isaac Tshabalala chuckles as he teases his wife, Hadi, and daughter, Mpumi, known affectionately as Phando. ‘‘You’re supposed to laugh; not cry!’’

Hadi says, ‘‘We didn’t expect it. It came out of nowhere, that goal. I’m so proud of Siphiwe.’’

We spoke to the family at their home in Protea Glen, Soweto, soon after the historic match. Like the rest of SA they knew things might fall apart for Bafana – but no matter what happened they knew nothing could take that goal away from their 25-year-old son.

‘‘Eish, Siphiwe is getting us into trouble with all these people,’’ Isaac (46) says. ‘‘People are calling us from all over the world.’’

Isaac and Hadi have ensured their son remains grounded. When he was chosen to represent Bafana at the African Cup of Nations in Egypt they took him aside and reminded him of the people, especially his grandparents, who were behind him.

‘‘I told him we’d all given him our blessing and if he behaved in a way that went against his upbringing he’d be disappointing a lot of people,’’ Isaac says.

They needn’t have worried. Today Siphiwe is a role model for many kids. ‘‘You should see this yard when he comes home. The minute he parks his car the place is full of kids.’’

Soccer experts predict Siphiwe will be lured to a foreign club. Although Hadi is reluctant to consider losing him she adds, ‘‘When the time comes I suppose we’ll have to give him our blessing to let him go.’’

Isaac would rather talk about his son’s World Cup triumph. ‘‘I’ll never forget that goal. Siphiwe made history and we were there to witness it.’’

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