‘We’ve made our Mark’

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14 January 2011

Their home at Hartbeespoort Dam used to be their pride and joy – but the new addition to the household has become the focus now.

The outdoor entertainment area and upstairs bar are no longer the first things radio and TV presenter Darren Scott and his wife, Sarah-Kate, show visitors – these days its their first child, Mark.

The baby born on 17 November 2010 has taken over their lives, they say.

He sleeps in their bed on a horseshoe-shape pillow. ‘‘It’s called co-sleeping – I decided to do it after reading about it in a book,’’ Sarah-Kate explains. ‘‘He’s with us 24/7. I never leave him. It’s supposed to be good bonding time for the baby.’’

It’s one of the few parenting issues Darren (46) and Sarah-Kate (27) disagree on.

‘‘I’m more chilled and prefer to go with the flow,’’ Darren says. ‘‘I prefer to figure things out as you go along whereas Sarah-Kate read hundreds of books while she was pregnant.’’

Sarah-Kate is radiant and the bond between her and Darren seems strong. She enjoys being a stay-at-home mom while Darren is busy at Jacaranda FM and SuperSport. He’s also promoting his health advice book, No Fries on Us.

At one stage Sarah-Kate’s pregnancy was fraught with tension because the couple were told the baby might have a chromosomal disorder, either Down’s syndrome or Trisomy 13.

‘‘It put a huge strain on our relationship,’’ she says. ‘‘Not knowing drove us crazy. We were told to consider abortion but it wasn’t an option.’’

Fortunately Mark, who was born by Caesarean section, came out perfectly healthy.

‘‘I don’t mind what he does when he’s older as long as he plays golf,’’ Darren says.

‘‘As long as I get to balance it out with a few dance lessons,’’ Sarah-Kate quips. ‘‘I want him to learn something cool, like hip-hop dancing. Imagine all the girls he’ll pick up on the dancefloor.’’

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