Whackhead’s a proud papa

By admin
21 September 2012

Darren Simpson is knee-deep in nappies and cuddles

Life has changed dramatically for SA’s most famous radio prankster.

His spare time is now filled with feeding schedules and bath times instead of planning who to send up next. And sleep? That’s such a precious commodity Darren “Whackhead” Simpson and his wife, Samantha (26), have all but forgotten what it is.

The reason is Nate Teixeira Simpson, the little boy who arrived earlier than expected in June and who has turned his parents’ lives upside down.

He’s a feisty, colicky baby and can scream the house down at any given time, Darren (35) says. He once cried nonstop for three hours, leaving his mom and dad’s ears ringing.

But there are good days too – and today is one of them. “You’re a real poser, my boy,” Darren coos as Nate puts on his best behaviour for his first photoshoot.

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