What do you think: Girls and make-up

By admin
03 November 2014

We recently asked our Facebook SuperMoms when they think the appropriate time is for young girls to start wearing make-up. Here’s their response...

1.     Set an age when makeup will be ok

Alison Alston De Witt My daughter has to wear make up for her dancing exams, but I don't put it on dark and I put it on. My husband is very old school so I think she will wear make up until she is 18. She is now 9.

Sylvia Watson 16 years, definitely not before!

Sinenhlanhla Snesh Ntobela When she can afford to buy it herself, I certainly won't buy it for her. Mietjie Visser At any age as long as it’s suitable. Natasha Kisten-Skuce 16 to 18 years. 2.     Some moms allow only natural makeup

Yolanda Friedenthal There is nothing wrong with mascara and lip gloss for teenage daughters. Nicolene White Fourie When she’s 18, and then only natural make-up. Amanda Savvas Saayman My oldest daughter is now 14 (almost 15) and she’s allowed to wear lip gloss and mascara. Less is better en more beautiful. What our kids can do is start with a good skincare routine. The basics – use a cleanse tone day cream with SFP in it and use sunscreen. 3.     Make sure she knows makeup basics Stefnie Nel She must have good skincare habits. There's nothing more beautiful than a woman with a healthy skin! Jolene Lochner Beyer As a make-up artist I would not discourage my daughter not to wear make-up. The key is moderation and there’s time for everything. I see to many young girls wearing extravagant make-up. Skincare is also a big priority. Quick tips:

1.Decide what age is acceptable for your daughter to wear makeup and stick with it.

2. Consider showing your daughter, or having a professional show her, how to apply makeup well when the time comes.

3.Just like the other SuperMoms, encourage your daughter to wear natural-looking, light makeup only, and don't allow full makeup till she’s older.

- Janine Nel

Sources: circleofmoms.com, babycenter.com

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