What do you think: Tech-savvy parenting

By admin
28 October 2014

We recently asked our Facebook SuperMoms if they allow their kids to play on their cellphones, laptops or tablets? Here’s their response . . .

What SuperMoms think:

Brigitta Nel No, they have their own tablet.

Anusha Dhanraj My tablet, yes, but not my cellphone and laptop.

Jewels Lebo Pole I do allow them to play games on my phone and iPad. They love it.

Charlene Bruyns Yes, they start using it in Grade R anyway, so you might as well allow them to get a head start at home. Denise Edwards Oosthuizen No, they have enough toys. Bernice Schutte My daughter is three and has her own iPad. I don’t think it’s wrong. There are so many educational games available for them. But we do keep an eye on her because she’s not allowed to play all day. Related articles on the topic:

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