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08 December 2014

We recently asked our Facebook SuperMoms what advice would they give to a new mom. Here’s their response.

We recently asked our Facebook SuperMoms what  advice would they give to a new mom. Here’s their response.

What SuperMoms think:

Noeleen Crerar Zeeman Forget about what the house looks like and sleep when baby sleeps. SLEEP SLEEP! Makes for a happier mom meaning happy baby!

Nadine Boyley Sleep when you baby sleeps because you need all your strength while getting your baby in a good routine.

Gail Christie Breast feeding isn't nearly as easy as you think it is, but take it one feed at a time. Don't give up. It will get better.

Lynn Ryan Theck Enjoy every moment. It's not always easy but its over so soon.

Nicky Altenroxel If you never caught up on sleep while you were pregnant.... its now too late! And take advice from other Mom's, but there is nothing you MUST do! Every Mom does things differently and every child is different! Just love your child unconditionally!!!

Angie Amm Don't sweat the small stuff.

Lushano Bailey Stay positive. Even when it seems like its too much, stay smiling. Happy mommy equals a happy baby! 

Jenna Battiston Stop stressing. I stressed so much in the first few months.

Charissa James-Mathee Ignore everybody else’s opinions on how to be a mom!

Trish Donmall Relax and trust your instincts. Never mind what other people say you know you're baby best.

Päivi Brink Have some chocolate every evening for the first 6 months. Then stop. 

Tania Fester- Prince Honey Honey Honey! Works for everything! Always have Bepanthen in you bag, works for bums, scratches, eczema nipples! And loads more! And most of all enjoy every moment!

Marlene Pillay Enjoy every moment of your experience and mostly importantly don't live in someone else’s.

Mamokete Nkomo Relax take it easy one day at time, then parenting will come naturally just enjoy ur baby she/he will teach u new things.

Phenyo Dikgomo No matter how hard it is now, the baby will grow and in time you will be back to yourself again. In the meanwhile, hang in there.

Anne Nowam Take it easy, you will learn with time, listen to your instinct when it comes to your baby. Malehlohonolo Xaba Do not compare your baby to others.....she or he's unique. Faith Mokou Your Baby, your rules! Don't let them confuse you; experience motherhood your way! Top ten tips for new moms

1.      Listen to your heart - As a new mom, you may get more advice on how to raise your child than you ever hoped to hear! Take it all with a grain of salt and listen to your own instincts.

2.      Get some sleep - Lack of sleep might be one of the most difficult parts of new motherhood! So if baby goes down for a morning snooze, follow suit and lie down. Even if you don't actually fall asleep, the downtime will replenish you.

3.      Stay calm - If you are feeling frustrated, take a time out. Put baby in the crib or another safe spot and take a 10-minute breather. If you're stressed, baby will pick up on your tension.

4.      Don't be afraid to ask for help – Raising a baby is hard work, but you don't have to do it alone. There is no shame in asking your hubby, parents or friends to help out when things get tough.

5.      Find doctors you love - A good rapport with your doctor is key. If you don't feel comfortable with your general practitioner or your pediatrician do not hesitate to find a new one. This is a stressful time and you need someone you can count on for support.

6.      Don't forget about your partner - Don't forget about your hubby, and take time for yourself, and you both will be better parents if you do!

7.      Take photos -  It goes by so fast.  We know new moms don't want to hear that when they are in the midst of long days and nights, but we promise you will be happy to have proof of the special time.

8.      Get moving and leave the house everyday - Babies love to move.  Wear them in a carrier, put them in a stroller, swing or sway them with your arms.  All of this will provide your little one peace and you some exercise.

9.      Establish a routine - Find a routine that works for you and your family and stick with it. Everyone will benefit and eventually you will be able to take time for yourself because you’ll know your baby’s schedule.

10.   Have fun with your baby -  This is the one tip to follow if you can’t follow any other. It’s the memories that counts.

-        Compiled by Janine Nel

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