What does it take for your teen to be a leader?

By admin
08 August 2014

Why is it so hard to teach children to be creative? After all, it’s the most important skill in the workplace, says emotional intelligence expert Brent Darnell. He shared the following insights at the second South African International Emotional Intelligence Conference held in Cape Town earlier this year.

“Failure is the f-word at school. But failing is the only way we learn how to make things better,” he says. It is crucial to find a way to teach children the following skills:

  • Observe
  • Break the routine
  • Expand their knowledge
  • Make comparisons
  • Play
  • Make mistakes

How can you impart these skill? Brent says the most important principle to apply is the notion of “first follower”. “This principle demonstrates someone can only be successful with a new idea when he has his first supporter or follower,” he explains.

Watch this video explaining this principle:

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