What good value you are, Robert Downey Jnr!

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24 October 2013

Robert Downey Jnr is named the Most Valuable Star of 2013

Robert Downey Jnr is entertainment magazine Vulture’s Most Valuable Star for the second year in a row, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence coming second and third respectively.

Leonardo DiCaprio was labelled The Star Who Started Smiling Again and Silver Linings Playbook actress Jennifer Lawrence was given the title Breakthrough BFF.

The publication compile their list based on several criteria including a star’s box office power in America and abroad, their popularity, the value they bring to a production studio, likeability, Oscar mentions, Twitter and tabloid mentions and critics score.

Calling Downey – who’s battled drug addiction in the past – The King, Vulture said of the star, "His appeal is off the charts and he has a studio rating third only to Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. He's also managed his stardom with grace and good humour, a remarkable turnaround from the drug-fuelled days when he was an uninsurable lost boy.”

In the top five were Never-Been-Better Superstar Sandra Bullock and Golden Boy Brad Pitt in fourth and fifth place respectively.

Vulture said of the highest-ranked stars, "In second place is Leonardo DiCaprio – while he doesn't have the career box office tallies of a Will Smith, he’s proved he can help a studio make a prestige project pay off. Would The Great Gatsby have made nearly $350 million (R3,5 billion) worldwide without him? Sandra Bullock safely sits in fourth place after following summer comedy hit The Heat with the enormous critical and commercial smash Gravity.”

Will Smith, Christian Bale, Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks – who shot up 25 places from last year's rankings – and Johnny Depp rounded out the top 10.

Vulture's top 20 Most Valuable Stars of 2013:

1. Robert Downey Jnr

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

3. Jennifer Lawrence

4. Sandra Bullock

5. Brad Pitt

6. Will Smith

7. Christian Bale

8. Denzel Washington

9. Tom Hanks

10. Johnny Depp

11. Hugh Jackman

12. Angelina Jolie

13. Meryl Streep

14. Tom Cruise

15. Daniel Radcliffe

16. Jennifer Aniston

17. Daniel Craig

18. George Clooney

19. Matt Damon

20. Mila Kunis - Bang Showbiz Share your thoughts:

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