What happens when a little girl blows lion a kiss at the zoo

By Samantha Luiz
14 March 2016

We did not see that coming.

Every once in a while, an old video gets revived and reaches viral status in no time.

That's what happened with this clip showing a little girl blowing a lion a kiss at the zoo.

In the video, the girl is seen standing mere inches apart from the lion, separated only by a glass pane.

Leaning against the pane, the adorable girl blows a kiss to the lion.

Only, the feeling isn't mutual.

In an unexpected turn of events, the animal lashes out aggressively, scratching against the glass.

While this reaction would be enough to send us running for the hills, the little girl stands her ground.

Watch the incredible moment below:

Sources: youtube.com, mirror.co.uk

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