What happens when a man pretends to be Forrest Gump on Tinder

By Lindsay de Freitas
14 August 2015

In what was possibly one of the most awkward exchanges in Tinder history a man modelled his life story after that of fictional movie character Forrest Gump, while chatting to a prospective date.

 'Trying to put myself out there and get over my childhood sweetheart'

There definitely were red flags for anybody wanting to hook up with the man, identified only as Blake, as his hobbies  include “long distance running, football, ping pong and shrimp fishing” -- all the things Tom Hanks' character does in the 1994 film, Forrest Gump.

His biography jokingly reads, “Trying to put myself out there and get over my childhood sweetheart. I have one son named Blake Jr. Enjoy spending my weekends mowing my expansive lawn and making small talk with people at the bus stop.”


But one of Blake’s hapless Tinder prospects didn’t get the joke and continued chatting to him without ever making the connection. Arianna (whose face Blake has thankfully blurred in pictures uploaded to his Imgur account) opens the conversation by asking Blake how old his son is and when he says three she starts asking about the imaginary’s boy’s mom.


Sticking to the plot of the iconic film, Blake says that his son’s mother, Jenny Curran in the film, has passed away. Arianna still doesn’t make the connection and as a mother herself, identifies with what Blake’s going through.


She responds, “I'm like really sorry, I feel so bad. I have a son who'll be three in September, must be really hard.'” After telling Arianna more about his fictional self Black eventually lets slip possible the biggest hint by texting the film’s iconic catch phrase, “And that's all I have to say about that...”  None the wiser the clueless Arianna adds, “You seem like a good guy.”

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