What is on your laptop, Lindsay? Is Ms Lohan the subject of an extortion plot?

By admin
11 January 2014

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been contacted by the people who stole her computer, demanding money in exchange for its safe return.

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly the victim of an "extortion plot".

The Mean Girls actress apparently tweeted an appeal for the return of her laptop computer on Tuesday, saying it had been stolen from an airport in China, but the messages have now been deleted and insiders claim it wasn't the 27-year-old star who posted them.

It is alleged that the thieves who took the computer were able to log into her Twitter account and sent out the message that "someone has stolen my computer at the airport."

A source told RadarOnline.com, "It's an extortion plot, plain and simple. They were able to access her computer immediately."

According to the insider, the thieves have since made contact with Lindsay, demanding money in exchange for the safe return of her laptop, which is said to have "private correspondence" from famous friends including Woody Allen and Lady Gaga and nude pictures from photoshoots stored on it.

The Machete star has enlisted her staff to help her remove the files.

The source said, "Her team have been trying to wipe the computer remotely, but they have not had any luck yet."

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