What men want

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22 November 2013

So men just want sex, right? Turns out, not so much. All men really want it seems is a little love.

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A Harvard University research project, which cost R200 million, studied 268 young men for the past 75 years, has finally answered an important question: What do men need to live a full and happy life?

The study, which according to feelguide.com started in 1938 and studied the group of men from their student days until they were in their nineties, is regarded as one of the most comprehensive of its sort.

The biggest finding is the key to “happiness (in men’s) lives is love”. Period.

The study also drew conclusions about men and alcohol abuse, their sex life and the advantages of a good relationship between mother and son. Here are the highlights:

  • Alcoholism in men is the biggest single reason for divorce.
  • Conservative men stop having an active sex life at 68 and more liberal men have healthy sex lives into their eighties.
  • Men who have good relationships with their mothers are more productive at work and earn on average R870 000 ($87 000) more than men who have bad relationships with their mothers.
  • Men are at their happiest in their marriages after the age of 70.
  • The physical changes in men after the age of 80 are the result of health decisions they took after their fifties.

- Christiaan Boonzaier

Picture: Flickr - classic_film and Michael Taggart Photography

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