What recruiters actually want to see on your CV

By Lindsay de Freitas
29 November 2016

According to a recent survey, we're all making the same mistakes on our CVs.

If the new year means dusting the cobwebs from your CV, listen up! According to a survey conducted by a recruitment firm, many of us are making some surprising mistakes on our resumes.

The interesting findings are as a result of a survey of 2 000 people and 480 recruiters which was conducted by UK recruitment specialists, Michael Page. The research proves that many things which people think are important on a CV (curriculum vitae) are actually not considered that important by recruiters.

Among the things considered important by people but NOT recruiters were:

  • detailing all their qualifications
  • listing their soft skills
  • keeping their CV under 2 pages in length
  • listing their personal interests
  • including a personal statement about themselves

Among the things considered vital by recruiters but not the people surveyed were:

  • no typos / grammatical errors on the CV
  • correct formatting and font
  • using the correct industry terms
  • writing in a professional tone
  • detailing your achievements (in previous jobs)
  • correctly detailing all the functions you performed in previous jobs

The survey also revealed that while people thought that staying with one company for a long time would make them appear loyal recruiters weren’t necessarily impressed.

Recruiters also urged job seekers to clean up their social media accounts as checking a prospective employees social media is now considered a standard vetting procedure.

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