What this man found in a packet of chips had him and his pals howling with laughter

By Samantha Luiz
27 March 2015

Imagine this guy’s surprise when he opened a packet of chips to find nothing but a whole potato inside.

Richard Bootman, from Suffolk in the UK, was speechless when he opened a packet of Snackrite steak and onion chips he bought from Aldi, a local supermarket. He immediately showed his work colleagues who doubled over with laughter.
“I picked it up and it was airtight so I didn’t question it. At first I thought it was a ball of soggy crisps. When I realised what it was, everyone in the office laughed.
'At first I thought it was a ball of soggy crisps'

“We couldn’t believe it. It is likely I will buy them again - brand doesn’t bother me with crisps. But I will feel up the pack before I open them, “he said. According to Richard, the bag - which came from a multipack - was clean inside, so appeared to have never held chips. He added that the potato looked as if it had been oiled ready to cook. Bemused by the incident, he posted an image of the packet on Twitter. The supermarket caught wind of the tweet and apologised before offering a refund if he returned it with a receipt.

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