What this woman found WRIGGLING in her salmon will make your skin crawl

By Lindsay de Freitas
01 July 2015

An Arizona woman's wholesome salmon dinner didn't turn out quite how she expected -- thanks to a couple of squirming, parasitic worms.

Jennifer Chafitz first noticed movement inside the packaging but upon closer inspection the woman saw tiny worms wiggling inside the salmon fillet she was about to cook.

The married mother-of-three explained that she made the discovery just two hours after returning from the grocery store with the fish.

"Getting ready to do my food prep and these little worms underneath the packaging, you could see these little worms going in and out," said Jennifer in a video she took of the salmon-dwellers.

"It was clearly under the wrapper; there were some more that were down in there, not coming out, just gross... I was absolutely mortified, and disgusted, I felt like things were crawling on me, and it was gross."

She went back to the shop where she had bought the fish on the same day and notified the store employees.

A store manager apologised and gave her a refund for the fish as well as a 5$ gift card, which left Jennifer feeling a tad disappointed.

"I didn't make a big scene about it, it's not about the money for me, it's more about making people aware and getting them to put something on the shelf we can feed our family," Jennifer told a local news station.

According to experts, parasitic worms occur naturally in fish and do not pose a health risk when the fish is fully cooked, but it was little consolation for Jennifer who says she'll "probably will never be able to eat fish again”


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