What to watch on . . . Friday 23 August

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23 August 2013

Sit back, relax and find out what’s on the box tonight.

Sit back, relax and find out what’s on the box tonight.

16:40 Young & Restless (e.tv): Jack’s behaviour alarms Phyllis. Jill gives Chloe questionable advice.

17:35 anger Management (Comedy Central): Jennifer competes with Charlie when she becomes Patrick’s “life  coach”.

18:00 Bold & Beautiful (SABC1): Taylor tells Steffy how proud she is of her for making such a sacrifice.

18:30 7de Laan (SABC2): Herman is angry when he learns Gita stole his business idea.

19:00 Parks and Recreation (M-Net Series Showcase): Leslie gets upset when April tries to get lot 48 turned into a dog park. Andy hones his crime scene investigation skills.

19:30 The Goodwin Games (M-Net): Season 1 starts. Three estranged siblings return home after the loss of their dad to find out they could inherit $23 million if they agree to compete in a series of games devised by him.

20:00 What About Joan (e.tv): When Jake quits his job, Joan starts dispensing career advice.

20:30 Grimm (M-Net Series Showcase): Nick ends up reopening a missing person’s case after investigating a murder in the woods.

21:30 Bates Motel (M-Net): Romero decides to take action against Norma. Meanwhile Emma is surprised when Norman decides to take her to the dance.

22:00 John Carpenter’s Escape from LA (Mzansi): A tough fighter has to find the American president’s daughter. She’s stolen a weapon of mass destruction and fled to a futuristic LA, now a penal colony. Starring Kurt Russell.

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