What to watch on . . . Friday 30 August

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30 August 2013

Get ready to bunker down and spend this chilly, wet night on your warm and cosy couch!

Get ready to bunker down and spend this chilly, wet night on your warm and cosy couch!

16:40 The Young & the Restless (e.tv): Nikki and Victor celebrate their new home, while Jack’s addiction troubles his co-workers.

18:00 How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life) (M-Net): Polly is determined to pay her own way so when her attempt at a second job fails she goes back to school.

18:00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show (M-Net Series Showcase): Ellen interviews Nicki Minaj and helps an 11-year-old girl petitioning to play football.

18:30 7de Laan (SABC2): Emma is worried about how Rick will react to her falling for Marko.

19:00 The First Family (SABC1): Pauletta enters Olivia in a beauty pageant to compete against the daughter of a rival.

19:30 The Goodwin Games (M-Net): Chloe invites April to a party in order to make amends with her.

20:00 Rules of Engagement (SABC3): Russell hopes he won’t have to worry about his father’s approval after the older man meets Liz.

20:30 Vegas (M-Net): Sheriff Lamb and FBI agent Byrne butt heads when Byrne prevents Lamb from pressing charges against a pimp in order to get information on Savino.

21:00 The Walking Dead (Fox): Double bill. The group is severed and lives are in jeopardy, and Rick struggles to cope with another loss.

21:30 Strike Back (M-Net): Scott and the mysterious agent Rachel Dalton secure the transfer of a Libyan functionary seeking asylum.

21:30 Supernatural (M-Net): Castiel joins Sam and Dean as a hunter and together they investigate what appears to be a series of cartoon-like deaths.

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