What to watch on . . . Friday 6 September 2013

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06 September 2013

Catch up with what’s on the tube tonight.

Catch up with what’s on the tube tonight.

16:40 The Young & the Restless (e.tv): Avery reveals the details of her past to Nick.

17:15 The Family Stone (M-Net Movies Comedy): An uptight and conservative businesswoman meets her future in-laws. She finds herself feeling increasingly out of place in their free-spirited home. Starring Sarah Jessica Parker.

18:00 Bold & the Beautiful (SABC3): While Hope is consumed with planning her wedding, Liam and Steffy’s fun adventures continue.

18:15 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Sony): Will and Carlton get a shocking earful when they “roam” the intercom system at home.

19:00 Parks & Recreation (M-Net Series Showcase): Leslie, Ron and Diane attend a woodworking awards dinner, but the occasion is threatened by an unwelcome arrival.

19:30 The Goodwin Games (M-Net): Chloe suspects Jimmy of reverting to his criminal past when she sees him with a mysterious man. Henry lies to his siblings about being a workaholic.

20:00 Whitney (M-Net): Whitney encourages Alex to hang out with Lily after she mentions that she doesn’t really have many male friends.

20:30 Vegas (M-Net): Lamb, Jack and Katherine take advantage of the phone tap in Savino’s office. Mia is shocked to learn her mother is still alive.

21:30 Supernatural (M-Net Series Showcase): Sam and Dean are at odds when Sam suspects Dean’s vampire friend, Benny, of being responsible for a string of drained bodies in a small Louisiana town.

22:00 Basic Instinct (SABC1): A cop’s search for a ruthless killer leads him to a seductive author. Their involvement turns personal and he must balance his affair with the mounting evidence against her. Starring Sharon Stone.

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