What to watch on . . . Thursday 19 September 2013

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19 September 2013

Catch our top picks on the tube tonight.

Catch our top picks on the tube tonight.

17:10 3rd Rock from the Sun (Comedy Central): Mary is planning her annual New Year’s fondue party, but Dick can’t understand why this holiday is such a big deal.

18:00 The Middle (M-Net): Frankie can’t hide her disappointment about who The Bachelor chooses to marry. Mike attempts to toughen Sue up when she joins the tennis team.

18:30 7de Laan (SABC2): Marko is losing patience with Emma.

19:00 Cougar Town (M-Net Series Showcase): Travis and Andy take a back seat to Bobby’s new tomboy friend, Riggs. Grayson sparks a religious debate when he sighs during Jules’ family prayer.

19:30 Perception (M-Net): Season 2 starts. When a man is tried for murder but pleads insanity, Pierce is called in to verify his claims but is soon totally perplexed by the case.

20:30 Army Wives (M-Net Series Showcase): Holly is excited to reunite with Tim, but he struggles to readjust. Quincy’s injuries put his army career in jeopardy as Joan makes a decision about the army war college.

21:30 Fringe (M-Net): Walter’s mind is damaged by Windmark’s telepathic probe and the team try to find the information they need to defeat the Observers.

22:00 Brothers & Sisters (SABC3): Kitty and Warren go to the country to have a peaceful weekend that turns out to be anything but. Unable to fall pregnant, Julia and Tommy turn to desperate and unconventional measures.

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