What to watch on . . . Tuesday 17 September 2013

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17 September 2013

The best entertainment on the box tonight.

The best entertainment on the box tonight.

17:15 CHiPs (SABC3): With Ponch laid up in the hospital, Jon takes after criminal firemen who find more time for robbing than firefighting. Ex-partner Bill Clayton teams up with him and the pursuit gets hotter.

18:25 That '70s Show (Comedy Central): Kelso gets a job to pay for Jackie’s Valentine’s Day present.

19:00 Sleepless in Seattle (M-Net Movies Comedy): A widower’s young son calls into a radio station looking for a new wife for his depressed dad. Despite being engaged a woman responds to the call. Starring Tom Hanks.

19:35 Friends (Sony): The gang goes to the beach. Phoebe meets a friend with links to her family’s past. Ross discovers Rachel still loves him.

20:00 Two and a Half Men (SABC3): When Lindsey asks Alan to move in with her, Charlie will do anything to get Alan to say yes.

20:05 Under the Dome (M-Net): Big Jim passes a mandate to collect all the guns in town and has to contend with an unhinged person.

21:05 Ray Donovan (M-Net): Ray tells Bridget not to see Marvin, but she visits him anyway and has a frightening encounter

21:30 Desperate Housewives (SABC3): When a six-figure job opens up, Gaby convinces Carlos to take it, even though it's a highly stressful position. Dave's behaviour gets even stranger and Edie notices.

22:10 Nurse Jackie (M-Net): Jackie meets her high-powered divorce lawyer and is told to play hardball with Kevin if she wants to keep her kids. Eddie becomes an unwilling participant in the Peyton divorce battle.

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