What to watch on . . . Tuesday 27 August

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27 August 2013

Our tops picks of what to see on the tube tonight.

Our tops picks of what to see on the tube tonight.

16:40 The Young & the Restless (e.tv): Cane cautions Jill to stay away from Tucker, while Chelsea threatens to expose Sharon’s secrets.

17:35 Anger Management (Comedy Central): Charlie deals with Kate breaking up with him and Jennifer getting back together with her ex-boyfriend Sean.

18:00 Two and a Half Men (M-Net): Zoey comes back into Walden’s life, and he has to decide between her and Rose.

18:30 7de Laan (SABC2): Altus doesn’t know if the bank will allow him to invest in the mining company.

19:00 Baby Daddy (M-Net Series Showcase): Riley plans to break up with Fitch but then he dies At his funeral she finds out he was going to propose to her.

19:30 Castle (M-Net Series Showcase): When Castle and Beckett are sent to retrieve the only witness to a murder, they’re ambushed and forced to take the witness on the run.

20:00 30 Rock (SABC3): When Avery is kidnapped while on assignment in North Korea, Jack turns to an old girlfriend to get her released. Meanwhile, Liz wages war on a plastic bag in a tree outside her window.

20:00 Modern Family (e.tv): Mitchell plants a seed in Jay’s head that one of Jay’s old buddies, Shorty, might secretly be gay.

20:30 Under the Dome (M-Net): When the town begins to run low on water, the residents of Chester’s Mill begin to fight for the remaining resources. Julie discovers a strange connection that two of the town’s residents have with the dome.

21:30 Desperate Housewives (SABC3): Susan’s daughter, Julie, comes to visit – and brings along her 40-year-old boyfriend.

21:55 Rocky II (Studio Universal): After one big fight his doctor warns a fighter never to box again due to his serious eye injury. However his old opponent wants a rematch. Starring Sylvester Stallone.

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